Tuesday, August 3, 2010


AA Arithmetical Ability Test form No. 000 KP 0
A General, while arranging his men, (B) 77
A number, when divided successively (C) 58
A number, when divided by 296, (A) 1
The square root of (B) 2
The sum and product of two numbers (C)
If (C) 2
If then (D) 0
is (A) 0.125
If then (A) 2
If then (C) 1
If then (B)
The greatest number among (C)
is (C) 1.8
is (B)
The sum of all the digits of the numbers (A) 5050
A shopkeeper sells sugar in such a way (A)
A person bought a horse and a carriage (C) 2008
A sells an article to B at 15% (A) Rs. 500
An article sold at a certain fixed price. (C) 35
A sells an article to B for Rs. 45,000 (C) 200/9
The cost price of an article is 80% (C) 10
A merchant has announced 25% rebate (D) 5
A merchant purchases a wristwatch for (B) 600
A reduction of 10% in the price of tea (C) Rs. 90
Ram donated 4% of his income (D) Rs. 10 000
If the length of a rectangle is (A) decreases by 1%
Three spherical balls of radii 1 cm, 2 cm (C) 3cm
If and (B) 8:27
If the length of a rectangle is increased (B) 15:14
7 years ago, the age (in years) of (D) 77 years
Two numbers are such that their (C) 48
A, B, C are partners such that their (C) Rs. 4000
Three horses are tethered at 3 corners (C) 77
A wire, when bent in the form of (C) 154 cm square
The ratio of the area of a sector (B) 25 cm
The length of the diagonal of a cube (B) 24√3
If a sphere of radius r is divided 8πr2 square unit
A sum of money, deposited at (A) 16
What is the difference between the (A) 10
The simple and compound interests (A) 6%
A man can row against the current (D) 5:1
Two places A and B are 100 km (A) 60 kmph
A can complete a piece of work (B) 15/2
Two pipes can fill an empty tank (B) 600
A batsman, in his 12th innings, (A) 41
The greatest number, that divides (C) 4
is (A) 1/2
The sum of the areas of the 10 squares, (A) 6085
The square root of (A) 15
If then (C) 9
If , then (A) 2
is (B) 1/7
is (C 1
If then (A) 4
The ...... (B) √5 - √3
If then (A) 0
If then (C) 4/3
If then is (D) (a-1)/(3-2a)
The missing term in the sequence (D) 13
The wrong number in the sequence (B) 47
When the price of a toy was increased by 20% (A) 2% increase
A person sold a horse at a gain of 15%. (C) Rs. 375
A sells an article to B at a gain of 25%, (A) Rs. 200
By selling an article for Rs. 21, a (A) Rs. 30 or Rs. 70
Half of 100 articles were sold at a profit of 20% (C) Rs. 20
The marked price of a clock is Rs. 3200. (C) 15%
A dealer marks his goods 30% (A) Rs. 800
A shopkeeper wishes to give 5% (B) Rs. 110
Krishnamurthy earns Rs. 15000 answer not matching, Rs. 3600
Two numbers are respectively (A) 90
Population of a town increase 2.5% (B) 4.04
72% of the students of a certain (C) 250
Rs. 1050 are divided among A, B (B) Rs. 300
The sides of a right-angled triangle (A) 39cm
Two numbers are in the ratio 5:6. (C) 120
If and (C) 1:1:1
A and B enter into partnership (D) 12 months
What is the length of the radius (B) 6cm
If the measures of a diagonal (B) 24 cm
The number of coins, each of (A) 640
If the radius of a sphere is increased (B) 15m
A right circular cylinder is circumscribing (C) 2:3
A man invested of his capital (C) Rs. 6600
The compound interest on Rs. 6250 (A) Rs. 772.50
A sum of money let at compound (D) 10%
If A travels to his school from his (B) 2 km
A train travelling with a speed of (C) 36 kmph
A and B together can complete a (D) 20
4 men and 6 women together can (D) 20
The average of two numbers A and B is (B) 22
If the total income of the family for (A) Rs. 15 000
Maximum expenditure of the family (C) Others
The saving of the family for the (B) Housing
The percentage of the income which (D) 27
If the total income of the family was (D) Rs. 34,500
The number of persons killed in coal (B) 25
In which year, minimum number (D) 2009
In which year, maximum number of (A) 2006
In which year, minimum number of persons (B) 2007
In a year, on average, how many persons (C) 1212.5

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